Mermaid druid


Druid 4, S10 D13 C12 I16 W18 C16 Shaky, vulnerable alertness animal-affinity craft-wondrous-item quicken-spell honest uncivilised HP29 AC12 T10 FF11 Init +1 Move5 Swim50 Fort+5 Ref+2 Will+9 shortspear +3 1d6×2

conc+8 Dipl+10 Hand+13 KNat+14 List+14 Spot+14 Surv+14

Squid: HP31 HD5 Swim60 AC19 T14 FF15 Fort5 R8 W2 Arms: +6 0damage, improved grab with bite damage Bite: +1 1d6+1 Grapple+9


As a young child Meredith escaped alone from the destruction of her home by an unknown enemy. She wandered into the shallows and was adopted by a community of wild cuttlefish. After living amongst them for several years she was swept away in a storm. After frantically searching for several days she has become irretrievably lost. Tired and hungry when she spotted the ship. She managed to get a hold of the anchor and wrap herself around it to rest, in the hopes that it would take her to more familiar country.


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