Gulliver Longtide

Shoal Halfling Rogue / Sorcerer


A plucky young rogue with good intentions and dubious methods.


Gulliver was born and raised in the north, in a tiny coastal halfling village. They weren’t on any trade routes, or likely any maps for that matter, and mostly all they ever did was fish. Gulliver was miserable, not content with a simple life like the others. When he was 14, a merchant ship ran ashore after withstanding an attempted pirate raid, hoping to repair their ship. Gulliver snuck aboard as they cast off, leaving his monotonous existence behind.

Gulliver became a professional stowaway. He spent the next 4 years sneaking on ships, scouting the cargo and crews quarters for valuables, and making off with them at the next port. He became more brazen with each theft, eventually getting caught trying to nick a fancy and rather large mirror from a naval captains quarters.

The captain, used to hunting dangerous criminals, couldn’t bring himself to jail the little halfling, instead offering to let Gulliver work of the debt. After a while, Gulliver started to enjoy the work, as sea travel actually is much more exciting when you’re not hiding in the brig, and when he was offered release he opted to join the navy proper.

Gulliver Longtide

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