Ghenor Irucha

A Aventi Swordsage.



Ghenor Irucha was born in a small Aventi village near the coast. He was raised by his mother after his father was killed by Sahuagins when he was three. At the age of 12 he joined the defense force that his village was making to hold of the Sahuagin who were getting increasingly bold in raids on the village at the age of 16 he was out on patrol when his village was attacked. When he got back everyone in the village was killed or had run away and the entire place was destroyed. He vowed to make the Sahuagin pay for killing his family and left to find where they were. He tracked the Sahuagin back to their village and in the dead of night he attacked. Although he killed several Sahuagin he was quite easy captured. The Sahuagin held and tortured him for four days to make him pay for his attack. On the fourth day they were getting ready to kill him when a army of Aventi attacked. They were from other villages and had decided to wipe out the Sahuagin menace once and for all.

After Ghenor was saved he spent two weeks recovering from his ordeal and then left, even though they invited him to stay. He then joined the privateers so he can have his revenge on those that would kill others and to give meaning back to his life.

Ghenor Irucha

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